The most popular cities in the Balkans


The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been at the centre of major historical events, namely the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914 and the horrors of a four-year civil war that played out until 1995. Today, however, Sarajevo is the political, social and cultural centre of the country, known for its celebration of peaceful religious coexistence. Sarajevo is one of the most interesting cities in Europe.That gives you so many opportunities to look at the city from above and in Sarajevo, it is always a treat. The place is very picturesque and each sunset, when the city below is covered in soft orange color, is magical.One of the best things to do in Sarajevo is going up to one of the Sarajevo viewpoints to admire the panorama of the city. Some places are a bit challenging to get to others are much easier but all of them over some amazing Sarajevo panorama.


 Here’s our list of the top things to see and do:


·         Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque
·         Latin Bridge
·         Kovači Memorial Cemetery
·         Sarajevo Tunnel Museum
·         Jewish Museum
·         Sarajevo City Hall
·         Baščaršija
·         Sacred Heart Cathedral
·         Saint Joseph's Church
·         Sebilj



Most of the people visiting Mostar come here to see the famous Old Bridge and that’s the first solid reason why you should consider a trip here. But Mostar is more than just this iconic structure. There are numerous other, interesting monuments in Mostar that I will tell you in detail later on. Wandering through the colorful bazaar, on the slippery stones makes you feel like the time has stopped here. After the recent Balkan War in the 1990s Mostar has been unofficially divided between Bosniaks and Croats so discovering the city beyond the old part is like a live history lesson. Mostar can be also used as a base for some great day trips around – in the close proximity to the town you will find old towns, historical monuments, and some amazing nature. Mostar is a great introduction to Bosnia and Herzegovina and thanks to its location the city can be easily added to your Balkan itinerary.


Things to do in Mostar:


·         Walk across the famous Old Bridge
·         Climb to the minaret for the best view of Mostar
·         Find other viewpoints to admire the Old Bridge
·         Find the Crooked Bridge
·         Wander around the bazaar
·         Visit Koski Mehmed-Pasha Mosque
·         Visit the War Photo Exhibition
·         Visit the Museum of the Old Bridge
·         Visit the Catholic Church and Franciscan Monastery
·         Visit Muslibegovic House and Biscevic House
·         See the infamous Sniper Tower



Dubrovnik, Croatia has always been one of the best places to visit in Croatia, a so-called “pearl of the Adriatic”. With the massive fame of “Game of Thrones” tv-show, the town became a major touristic hotspot for the fans of the iconic series. The city became so popular there were even ideas to limit the number of visitors in the walled Dubrovnik Old Town, well-known from the tv as the set of King’s Landing. But while “Game of Thrones” locations are big Dubrovnik attractions, there are many more things to do in Dubrovnik. And if you plan your trip to Dubrovnik carefully, you will be able to enjoy the city without too much of a crowd around.


Here is our list of things to do in Dubrovnik:


·         Walk the Old Town Walls
·         Visit Fort Lovrijenac
·         Walk the main street – Stradun
·         Get lost in the backstreets
·         See the famous Jesuits stairs
·         Visit beautiful monasteries
·         Visit Rector’s Palace
·         Pay respect at Memory Chamber at Sponza Palace
·         See the Old Port
·         Find “Game of Thrones” locations
·         Take the cable car to Mount Srd
·         Visit the Homeland War Museum




Zagreb, the largest city and the capital of Croatia, is often overlooked by tourists who choose more popular seaside destinations in the country and don’t really know what to do in Zagreb. But the city is well worth a visit and the number of great Zagreb tourist attractions might be really surprising.The capital of Croatia can enchant with beautiful and impressive architecture, great museums, and many more Zagreb must see places, including alternative spots. This is one of the best places to learn about Croatia and its history.And if you have more time in your Croatia itinerary, you can base yourself in Zagreb and go for some great day trips from there!


Here is a list of things to do in Zagreb:


·         Admire the beautiful architecture of the Lower Town
·         Wander around the Upper Town
·         Ride one of the shortest funiculars in the world
·         Visit the Cathedral
·         Stop at the Stone Gate
·         Visit Mirogoj cemetery
·         Visit museums
·         Find street art
·         Marvel at the Oktogon
·         Walk through the Grič Tunnel
·         Stroll through the botanical garden
·         Visit the National Theater




The many amazing things to do in Sofia make this city a true highlight in Bulgaria. A visit is worthwhile because this up-and-coming Balkan pearl is still a real insider tip. Particularly fascinating is the mix of old and new, where thousand-year-old history mixes with buildings from the communist era and modern lifestyle. The captivating charm of the old town is unique and the many attractions as well as museums are absolutely worth seeing. Among the highlights is the imposing Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, which is considered to be the landmark of Sofia. Apart from that, there are many other places to visit in Sofia, so sightseeing in the Bulgarian capital is an unforgettable experience.


List of things to do in Sofia:


·         Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
·         Central Mineral Baths
·         Ancient Serdica Archaeological Complex
·         Banya Bashi Mosque
·         National Palace of Culture
·         St. George Rotunda Church
·         Sveta Nedelya Church
·         Vitosha Boulevard
·         Earth and People National Museum
·         Church of St. Petka
·         Ivan Vazov National Theater
·         National Archaeological Museum
·         Saint Sofia Church
·         National Art Gallery
·         Church of St. Nicholas the Miracle-Maker
·         National Museum of Military History
·         Boyana Church
·         National Historical Museum



Sublime Ohrid is North Macedonia's most seductive destination. It sits on the edge of serene Lake Ohrid, with an atmospheric old quarter that cascades down steep streets, dotted with beautiful churches and topped by the bones of a medieval castle. Traditional restaurants and lakeside cafes liven up the cobblestone streets, which in high summer can be very lively indeed. Ohrid is small enough to hop from historic monuments into a deck chair and dip your toes in the water – a lovely little town beach and boardwalk make the most of the town's natural charms. A holiday atmosphere prevails all summer, when it's a good idea to book accommodation in advance. Ohrid's busiest time is from mid-July to mid-August, during the popular summer festival.


Things to do in Ohrid:


·         St. John Kaneo Church
·         St. Sophia church
·         Plaosnik
·         Samuil’s Fortress
·         Ohrid Amphitheatre
·         Ohrid bazaar
·         Ohrid boardwalk and city beach
·         The Robevi family house museum
·         Take a stroll along Lake Ohrid
·         Day trip to Sveti Naum
·         Bay of Bones
·         Indulge in Macedonian food

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