Is there a European capital with a more turbulent history than Belgrade? At the frontier of empires and the junction of the great Danube and Sava rivers, this is one of the oldest cities on the continent. As proof of the constant war and upheaval few buildings in Belgrade are older than a couple of hundred years.

But Belgrade is no less compelling for its tumultuous past, blending high culture with a fun-loving spirit. You can sense this lust for life on Skardarlija, the Bohemian street, or the splavovi, party boats that are moored on the Danube and Sava. Belgrade’s fortress dominates the cityscape, while orthodox churches and palaces for the Serbian royalty cropped up after Serbia won independence in the 19th century.


Top things to do:


·           Belgrade Fortress
·        Skadarlija
·        Church of St Sava
·        Ada Ciganlija
·        Knez Mihailova Street
·        Gardoš Tower
·        Nikola Tesla Museum
·        St Mark’s Church
·        Republic Square
·        Zemunski Kej
·        Residence of Princess Ljubica
·        Avala Tower
·        Belgrade Military Museum
·        Museum of Yugoslav History
·        National Theatre
·        Museum of Aviation
·        St Michael’s Cathedral
·        Stari Dvor and Novi Dvor
·        House of the National Assembly of Serbia
·        White Palace
·        Rajko Mitić Stadium (Marakana)
·        Historical Museum of Serbia
·        Ružica Church
·        Zeleni Venac
·       Splavovi


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