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Incoming Macedonia

The Republic of Macedonia, a small gem embedded in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, is embraced in the east and west by dramatic mountain ranges, studded with breath-taking lakes, and threaded throughout with rivers. Through thousands of years, the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires have shaped Macedonia’s rich culture and traditions. In this modern day republic, the past is with you everywhere: early Christian basilicas with ancient mosaics; enchanting Byzantine churches with world-renowned frescoes; and the many mosques with their delicate minarets. The site of a megalithic observatory near Kumanovo is some 3,800 years old.  Ohrid, with its many treasures and beautiful lake, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Skopje, the capital and a bustling city, offers the Stone Bridge crossing the River Vardar, the Ottoman-era Old Bazaar with its innumerable handicraft shops, and the ruins of the Kale Fortress. Nearby, the spectacular Matka canyon is home to medieval monasteries, caves, varieties of plant and animal life, and is a center for alpine hiking, with kayaking on the Treska River, plus fishing and hunting. Visit Macedonia with its benign climate year round: in winter, join the pagan carnivals; in spring, participate in wine harvests; in summer, traditional local dances and music beckon; and, in autumn, visit mountains, canyons and national parks emblazoned in rainbow colors. Travel to a traditional village and enjoy home-prepared food, often a savory Turkish cuisine, accompanied by the great Vranec red wine.  Macedonia leaves visitors with unforgettable memories. 



3 nights Skopje + 3 nights Ohrid 7 day / 6 HB


3 nights Skopje + 3 nights Ohrid +1 night Struga 8 day - 7 HB


Skopje –Ohrid - Bitola –10 nights/11 days 3 nights Skopje + 6 nights Ohrid + 1 night Bitola    

Skopje - Shar Mountain

Offer for  short  break  on the mountains parts in Macedonia Skopje – Popova Sapka -  Skopje 6 nights/7days